About Ugg Boots and sheepskin boots

What are ugg boots?

There are three groups of people - those who love them, those who hate them, and those who don't really know what they are. Ugg boots are the finest in quality sheepskin footwear manufactured by Ugg Australia. Sheepskin boots have been the Australian icon for long time, and the rest of the world recognized the quality, the feel and the unique characteristics of Uggs and sheepskin footwear.

One of the best things about uggs is that although ugg boots are are made of sheep skin, you can wear them all year round. The sheepskin breathes and holds the warmth inside during the winter and releases the heat in the summer. The unique thermostatic nature of the sheepskin keeps your feet at ideal temperature all year round. For years being used by surfers, the ugg boot has become a trendy fashion footwear article all over the world.

The success of the ugg has been amazing. Celebrities such as Oprah, Paris Hilton and range of others have turned the ugg boots into a natural part of popular culture. Although many Australian celebrities have probably also worn the uggs, they have been made popular by a Canadian Pamela Anderson, who started wearing ugg boots from Australia between takes on the set when she was filming the TV show Baywatch. This might have originally launched interest in ugg boots in America.