Buying Ugg Boots

Quality Uggs buying guide

If you get a pair of ugg boots, you will be rewarded with comfortable, warm and stylish peace for your wardrobe. However, you have to be careful when it comes to selecting the right uggs for you. The highest quality boots are made from double-faced sheepskins, and probably the world’s best products come from the Australian Merino sheep in particular. “Double-faced” means using the sheepskin as a single unit with the skin on the outer side and fleece on inner side. This is the ideal way to maintain the natural thermostatic nature of the sheepskin. Some manufacturers are using single-faced material or pigskin in order to lower their cost, which results in poor quality, and the final product does not have the characteristics of the authentic ugg boots. You can recognize the pigskin when you take a closer look, because it has visible holes, as a result of pigs’ thick bristles.

Where to buy Ugg Boots

If you live in North America, you should order ugg boots from a seller who is shipping from North America as well. This means that you pay no duty, and many stores also have free delivery. These sellers are based in the United States and ship to all states:

Finding the right Uggs

When selecting ugg boots, select the style and sole of your choice and make sure you select the right size. The boot should fit snugly. As you wear your uggs over the time the material will stretch and the shoes will feel a little roomier. Therefore most people recommend buying half, or even a whole size smaller model.

As the uggs became popular in recent years, many new imitation manufacturers have appeared on the market. Some of them offer cheaper sheepskin boots (not authentic Ugg boots) of lesser quality. You should purchase your uggs from established retailers, which have been on the market for a while and have proven to deliver quality and good value. Some models also come with removable fleece insoles which give you the option to wash or replace them as needed. However, in some models (usually the cheaper varieties) the sole might move around.

Ugg boots are a great investment, and will last you a number of years, providing you with comfort, warmth and style all year round.