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Buy Uggs from Celtic Sheepskin

The Celtic Sheepskin website,, offers a wide variety of sheepskin footwear, hats, gloves, mitts, cushions, beanbags, rugs, and soft leather furniture. They owned the "Ugg" trademark before Ugg Australia, and their experience at crafting quality sheepskin items shows, even on their website. The home page is text-intensive, with plenty of text links, and there are plenty of permanent links that follow you from page to page, even to checkout, so you can easily jump to another category if you need to. One thing the site lacks, however, is a general search box, though it does have a specialized one where you can enter a catalogue code and go directly to a product page. To find a specific type of item -- say, sheepskin boots -- you have to link through one of the general categories. Another failing is the fact that you have to really look to find your shopping basket; instead of putting a permanent link at the top of the page, it's located at the lower left, and in many page views is invisible without scrolling down.

Available Brands and Styles

The Celtic Sheepskin site deals exclusively in its own sheepskin products. Instead of "ugg" products -- since it sold the rights to that name to Ugg Australia -- they have Celt boots, Celt slippers, and Celt moccasins…but the truth is that they're all sheepskin-style items made from sheepskin leather and fleece. The main style of boot is known simply as the Celt Boot, though the Celt Classic Kneelength Boot is particularly striking. The Celt Bootee Slipper, House Boots, and Footmuff offer great household slipper options, and their line of sheepskin moccasins can't be ignored. They offer three major styles: the Golf Moccasin, the Loafer, and the Lounger (the last two with either hard and soft soles).

Ordering Process

The Celtic Sheepskin ordering process isn't the simplest in the world. As usual, when you see a product you like, you click on the picture to access the product-specific page, which includes some basic product info and a size/color chart. When you click the item you want, you go to a page where it tells you the price in British pounds, U.S. dollars, and Japanese yen. Then you can click "Add to Shopping Basket." Once it's finally there and you're done shopping, click "Purchase Now," and you're presented with a page where you can either log in (if you've already set up an account) or go through the account creation process. This in itself is simple; just enter your basic shipping info. When you're done, click "Continue to Payment," and you're sent to yet another page, where you can enter an offer code (assuming you have one to enter). Click "Continue to Payment" again, and you finally get to the point where you can enter your credit card information. After that you have to confirm your details, and then your payment will go through at last.

Payment Options & Gift Cards

You can pay for your sheepskin boots by credit card, specifically MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. There are a few other options, including Access, Connect, Delta and Switch, but they're apparently for British or EU customers only. Although offer vouchers are mentioned, it seems they offer no gift certificates.


Shipping varies according to your country. For the U.S., it works out to about $6.80 per item for a 6-9 day delivery. The price will vary with currency fluctuations.

Return Policy

Basically, Celtic Sheepskin lets you return your sheepskin boots for any reason if you do it within 28 days, just so long as they're in their original unworn condition. If there's a fault with the item, they'll refund your postage costs; otherwise, you get to pay.

Customer Service

While the Celtic Sheepskin site does offer customer service, you'll be hard-pressed to find it. They don't have a Customer Service link; you have to search out the tiny "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page (just keep scrolling down) or click the Company Information link and access it from there. There's a text link on the Contact Us page that takes you to the Security, Delivery, and Returns Policy page. You'll find instructions for all of the above there, as well as the customer service contact info: postal address, phone number, and email address. They say they'll be sure to return your contact within two days, and "sort out" the problem within five. The Customer Service phones are answered 10 AM-4:30 PM GMT Monday-Friday -- that's about 2 AM-10:30 AM U.S. Central Standard Time, so get up early if you feel the need to call, and remember that you'll have to pay international long distance rates.