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Buy Uggs from Softmoc doesn't specialize in sheepskin footwear, but it does offer a decent selection of sheepskin-style goodies -- mostly slippers -- from both Emu Australia and its own sheepskin line. It's not a huge selection, but is an easy site to use and get around in. When designing the site, SoftMoc was thoughtful enough to include a series of links -- Home, Advanced Search, Best Sellers, Contact Us, Shopping Cart, and Order Tracking -- that follow you around from page, along with a header that offers a search box, a link to the shopping cart, the site's name and logo (great for us multi-taskers) and links to the various lines of footwear they offer. They also include a link to a page that tells you why you should shop with them. The search box is handy, and actually works most of the time: if you type in Emu Australia, you'll get to that page without any fuss. Just typing in "Emu," however, confuses it, and "sheepskin" takes you only to SoftMoc's line of sheepskin shoes.

Available Brands and Styles

Let's face it: the SoftMoc site offers just a few models of sheepskin boots and shoes. In truth, while their Emu Australia sheepskin selection includes nine items, they're really only color variations of four boots: the Bronte Low, Bronte High, Barwon Low, and Shark Low models. Some of the boots are for women only; some are unisex. SoftMoc's more forthcoming with its own sheepskin footwear line, offering a variety of shearling and fluffy sheepskin slippers and soft sheepskin moccasins (hence the company's name, one presumes) that sell for prices similar to those of the major sheepskin brands. The Women's Fluffer slippers look especially comfortable, and the Perth boot slippers, both Men and Women's models, are stylishly unusual.

Ordering Process

Ordering boots from SoftMoc is simple. Once you've filled your shopping cart with comfy sheepskin, just click the icon to open up the shopping cart page and check out. There are options for emptying the card, removing specific items, going back to shopping, or proceeding straight to checkout. If you choose the latter, you'll be send to a page where you can fill out your billing and shipping info, as well as your much-coveted credit card information. Once you've fill everything in and decided to move on, the process proceeds very much as it does for other web commerce sites.

Payment Options & Gift Cards accepts Visa, American Express, and MasterCard, and that's about it. If you absolutely refuse to use a credit card, however, you do have the option of choosing to send them an International Money Order (they're in Canada). If you select this option, they'll send you instructions by email on how to proceed.


With the exception of items costing less than $40 and certain sale items, shipping within Canada or the United States is fast and free. You'll be able to tell whether your sheepskins qualify for free shipping when you take a look at it in your shopping cart. Beyond that, no restrictions are mentioned on their FAQ pages.

Return Policy does offer an excellent return policy. Their "no-hassle" return policy lets you ship back your sheepskin boot purchases within 75 days to their distribution center for a refund; return instructions are provided with every order, but they also offer a special customer service number you can call for instructions -- and the best part about that is that it's the same number emblazoned at the top of each of their web pages, just below the logo. Of course, you'll have to return the items in the same box they came in, and in unworn condition.

Customer Service

While makes it clear that they care about their customers, valuing both you and your privacy, they don't make it clear how you access their Customer Service info. It takes a little digging before you realize that the phone number at the top of each page (see above) is also the Customer Service number. Otherwise, your best bet is to click the Contact Us link, where you'll find the return address, Customer Service number, and their email address. As far as customer service itself goes, as previously discussed their return policy is excellent, they have wide customer service hours (9 AM-8 PM EST M-F, 12-5 PM EST Saturday), and they offer the standard 110% price guarantee, where you can get 110% of the difference if you find the same boots or shoes cheaper on another website.