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Celtic Sheepskin is that rarity, a maker of sheepskin footwear and leather goods based not in Australia, but in the United Kingdom. Most people are unaware of it, but the UK also supports a substantial wool industry, one that was not only quite important in the nation's mercantile history but was also ancestral to those in most modern English-speaking nations. Celtic Sheepskin is headquartered in Cornwall, where the company produces luxuriously comfortable sheepskin-style sheepskin boots and slippers, gloves, mitts, moccasins, leather cushions, sheepskin rugs, and other leather items of distinction. The company went into business in the 1970s, as a self-described manufacturer of "sheepskin boots and assorted leather goods," but Celtic Sheepskin has since expanded their offerings in a variety of directions, even going so far as to produce handsome leather bean-bag chairs and other so-called "soft furnishings," as well as fluffy Mongolian style hats, scarves, and stoles.

Putting their best feet forward

Of course, it's sheepskin footwear we're here to talk about, and Celtic Sheepskin excels in that respect. Their bright, comfortable sheepskin boots are particularly snazzy. Although they're functionally identical to classic sheepskin boots, Celtic Sheepskin prefers to call them Celt boots, having in 1995 made an arrangement to transfer ownership of the UK-registered term "Ugg" -- which they first trademarked -- to another company, Ugg Holdings, that was based in the US and Australia. (After having been taken over by a company called Deckers, that little Aussie-US venture is now better known as Ugg Australia; you might have heard of them.) In any case, Celtic Sheepskin Celt boots are made in the classic Aussie style from genuine sheepskin; they're lightweight but double-stitched for durability, and are available in up to 23 colors.

Comfortably cool

When you look at the Celtic Sheepskin line, you'll notice two things immediately: the aforementioned wide range of colors, and the prices. The prices are excellent, in some cases even beating those of better-known producers like Ugg Australia and Warmbat. For example, many of their boots average $20-40 less than other top sheepskin boots. But this is no fly-by-night outfit: Celtic Sheepskin has been around as long as those other companies, and remember, they actually copyrighted the term Ugg first. Not only are their materials and construction methods top quality, but they also offer a great variety of styles and fashion colors like Navy, Pink, Coffee, Turquoise, Grey, Spice, and Denim. Their kid's styles of boots and moccasins are especially colorful, not to mention darn cute. Their footwear also comes in a wider range of sizes than most, in all three lines -- men's, women's, and kid's.

While Celtic Sheepskin calls its footwear "Celt boots" and "Celt moccasins," they're very much standard sheepskin-style products. The moccasins, for example, come complete with butter-soft sheepskin leather uppers, and they're heavy on the comfy interior fleece. Like all Celtic Sheepskin products, they're sleekly sharp looking, with a distressed leather look that makes them unique in a crowded field. Some of their mocs are made specifically for home use, but others are ideal for any social paces you might put them through.