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Having been in the business of combining classic Australian sheepskin boot traditions with the miracles of modern technology since 1994, Emu Australia has made its mark with a funky line of lively footwear like, yet quite unlike, the average sheepskin-style footwear that most of us are familiar with. Having worked to bring the products to the USA and the world, founder Andrew Raggatt knows the sheepskin footwear industry inside out. Emu Australia is the result of his vision to improve the general stylistic interpretation of sheepskin-style footwear, to make them more a lifestyle choice than trendy closet-fillers. Get your hot little hands on (and better your foot in) one of Emu Australia's products, and we think you'll agree he's succeeded.



Sibling rivalry

In a sense, Emu Australia is the corporate sibling of the more famous Ugg Australia, since the company upon which Emu Australia was founded, the Jacksons Company of Geelong (the famous wool capital of Australia) once owned the Ugg brand. Raggatt purchased Jacksons and used it to launch Emu Australia, to foster his new reinterpretation of sheepskin footwear. He also set up a secondary headquarters in California, where much of American fashion gets it start. The result was a sophisticated line of boots, slippers, shoes, thongs (what we Americans call flip-flops) and sturdy sport sandals, some padded with soft, warm fleece, some not. The one thing that all Emu Australia products have in common is that they're made of leather. Of course, the stylishness and quality construction comes standard, in large part because Emu Australia controls every aspect of their manufacture, from start to finish. The company has its own wool resources (i.e., sheep), leather tanneries, factories, and distribution facilities, which means that Emu Australia don't have to deal with any middlemen -- a factor that not only lowers the prices of its boots and other products, but also lets the company get their footwear on the shelves faster.

Snazzy comfort

Emu Australia has you covered, whether you're looking for a great price, excellent value, long-lasting durability, funky style, or all of the above. In the market for hot-looking ski-style sheepskin boots in a rainbow of colors? They've got 'em. Want some way-comfortable fuzzy leather slippers? Look no further than Emu Australia. Hunting for great flip-flops for poolside? Follow the trail to Emu Australia. Emu Australia also offers a range of casual women's shoes, from the moccasin-inspired Swan Lake (pretty in pink) to the cloggy high-heeled Tiger Lily, with its snow-white fleecy ruff. All these styles are suitable to just about any social situation, much less any wardrobe -- they look good whether you're wearing a miniskirt or jeans.

Emu Australia's men's styles are, unsurprisingly, a bit more conservative in terms of color and style, but just as varied as the women's -- which is often not the case with any footwear, much less sheepskin boots, at least since their sudden upsurge in popularity in the mid-2000s. Their line of men's sheepskin boots is particularly lush, though the men's line also includes plentiful examples of moccasins, slippers (both casual and bedroom), and casual lace-ups.

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