Emu Australia Unisex Barwon High

Emu Australia Unisex Barwon High

Available Sizes:
5, 6, 7, 8
Available Colors:
Black, Chestnut, Chocolate, Sand
If you're looking for a great pair of uggs, you could do far worse than Emu Australia Barwon High boots. These tall sheepskin boots present a plain face to the world, but they're good-looking nonetheless, and you'll find that they offer all the warmth and comfort that you'd demand of any cold-weather ugg. Like their low-shanked brethren, the Barwon Lows, these are unisex uggs made with a tough, water-resistant suede upper, a thick layer of fleece inside, and the rugged composite sole you need to take on the elements in confidence.

Taking it all in stride

With their plain exterior and exposed seams, these ugg boots reflect their roots as surf boots intended to keep the feet warm on cold beaches. They're still made of 100% natural materials that offer the combination of flexibility and toughness you only get from the best Merino sheepskin. With the Emu Australia Barwon High Boot, durability's built in as surely as the textured soles intended to help you maintain your footing. This is no short-term fashion fling: expect to be wearing these boots for years to come.

Barwon, bar none

Black, Sand, Chocolate and Chestnut -- those are the primary colors for the Barwon High, as they are for so many Emu Australia products. While Emu Australia offers both Men and Women's sizes, the truth is that there's not much difference: just scale up the man's size by one, and you've got the women's size. These products are truly unisex in that sense.

Available colors for Emu Australia Unisex Barwon High

Emu Australia Unisex Barwon High Black color
Emu Australia Unisex Barwon High Chestnut color
Emu Australia Unisex Barwon High Chocolate color
Emu Australia Unisex Barwon High Sand color

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