Emu Australia Unisex Manta High

Emu Australia Unisex Manta High

Available Sizes:
10, 11, 12, 13, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Available Colors:
Sand, Ochre
Ahhh…how happy your feet will be when you treat them to a pair of Emu Australia Manta High Boots. An especially stylish option for cooler weather, these ugg boots bear a passing resemblance to their cousins the Stinger Highs, but they include a little extra to protect your delicate tootsies from harsh conditions -- specifically, a reinforced heel and toe. Otherwise you'll get every iota of quality, durability, warmth, and sheer comfort you can expect from any model of Emu Australia boot. And like those models, the Manta High uggs are made of the finest Merino sheepskin suede and fleece that Australia has to offer.

And then some

How would you like to be able to buy a nice pair of ugg boots and then not have to buy another pair for years, even as much as a decade? Well, that's what you get with the Emu Australia Manta High Boot. When the folks at Emu Australia make their products, they don't mess around -- they know durability and quality manufacture are just as important to you as style and flair. So is traction, which is why these uggs come with a rugged, textured rubber sole that's meant to help you maintain your footing in all kinds of nasty weather.

What color?

Like so many Emu ugg products, Manta High Boots are made in both men's and women's models. Available colors include your old favorites Sand, Ochre, Black, and Tan, all of which are available for both ladies and gents.

Available colors for Emu Australia Unisex Manta High

Emu Australia Unisex Manta High Sand color
Emu Australia Unisex Manta High Ochre color

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