Emu Australia Unisex Nelson High

Available Colors:
Black, Sand, Tan, Ochre
When you slip into Emu Australia Nelson High Boots, you're slipping into comfort. These sheepskin wonders have a 12-inch shaft, so it's not just your feet that are protected, it's most of your lower legs. Being cool-weather ugg boots, these are made to be warm, waterproof, and durable, but you can't fault their stylishness either: after all, even when made to be completely utilitarian, ugg-style footwear tends to look great. Maybe it's the top-quality Merino sheepskin suede and shearling fleece, or maybe it's the quality construction…or could it be both? Emu Australia isnot saying.

Smooth and spare

Emu Australia didn't go overboard with ornamentation when they designed the Nelson Highs, but then, why should they? Sometimes less is more, and the designers took that to heart. Not only do these uggs look pretty darn nice as they are, they're not meant to dazzle in the first place: they're meant to serve and protect. You can tell that from the waterproofing and the rugged rubber sole, which is textured to give you every possible advantage when it comes to maintaining your footing. These are the kind of boots you wear when you're working or having serious fun.

A bit more info

Like all the functional Emu Australia ugg models, Nelson High Boots come in both Men's and Women's size ranges, which tend to overlap a bit. You'll find that they're offered in a variety of functional earthy tones, including those old standbys Tan, Ochre, Black, and Sand -- all the colors of Australia.

Available colors for Emu Australia Unisex Nelson High

Emu Australia Unisex Nelson High Black color
Emu Australia Unisex Nelson High Sand color
Emu Australia Unisex Nelson High Tan color
Emu Australia Unisex Nelson High Ochre color

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