Emu Australia Unisex Nelson Low

Available Colors:
Black, Sand, Tan, Ochre
If you like the look of the Emu Australia Nelson High Boot but don't care for an ugg that extends quite so high up on your calves, may be interest you in a pair of Nelson Low Boots? They're very like the high variety, except that the shafts extend only eight inches. Otherwise, they're made of the same durable sheepskin leather, and lined in the same extra soft, cream-colored shearling fleece from Australia's famous Merino sheep. Like Nelson Highs, they look way sharp in any form of casual to semi-casual dress, but they're ready to work, too, whenever you are.

The long and short of it

With all Emu Australia ugg footwear, there are several things you can count on. First of all, it's going to look stylish; second, it's going to be comfortable; third, if it's a cold-weather product, it'll be warm; and fourth, it'll be durable. Does the Emu Australia Nelson Low Ugg Boot display all these characteristics? You can be sure that it does. What that means for you is that these boots aren't going to let you down any time soon on any front, whether it be stylistic, comfort, or toughness. Get used to seeing them in your closet, because unless you give these uggs away they'll be there for years.

Details, details

What's made for both men and women and comes in the colors Tan, Ochre, Black, and Sand? Why, Emu Australia Nelson Low Boots -- that's one answer, anyway. Any other questions?

Available colors for Emu Australia Unisex Nelson Low

Emu Australia Unisex Nelson Low Black color
Emu Australia Unisex Nelson Low Sand color
Emu Australia Unisex Nelson Low Tan color
Emu Australia Unisex Nelson Low Ochre color

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