Emu Australia Women's Shark Low

Emu Australia Women's Shark Low

Available Sizes:
10, 11, 12, 13, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Available Colors:
Black, Chocolate, Sand
Good looking or not (and of course they are), Emu Australia Shark Low Boots are also visibly tough. They're made from durable sheepskin suede, reinforced at heel and toe for extra toughness. You've also got a vented insole, arch support, and a rugged, flexible rubber composite sole, composed of a lightweight rubber midsole and a textured heavy-duty outsole for extra traction and flexibility both. Here's a boot that's unlikely to give up on you anytime in the near future -- unlike some sheepskin footwear we could name -- whether you're wearing them just to stay warm on a cold beach, or hiking in the High Rockies.

Tough comfort

But Emu Australia means more than just durability. You've also got excellent craftsmanship, warmth, and comfort. Nothing keeps your tootsies warm and cozy like Merino sheepskin fleece, which Emu Australia Shark Low Ugg Boots are just about overflowing with. The socks are built right in, so if you'd rather, you needn't wear socks with these ugg babies. Put all this together with the abovementioned factors, and you've got a boot that'll last just this side of forever, and feel darn good the whole time. That's a lot of value in one small package.

Ugg boot for everyone

Emu Australia Shark Low Boots come in a variety of earthy colors, including Sand, Brown, Chocolate, and Black. Both men and women's models are advertised, but they're really one and the same: to convert a Men's size to a Women's size, just go up a notch on the size scale. Men's size 10 equals Women's 11, and so on.

Available colors for Emu Australia Women's Shark Low

Emu Australia Women's Shark Low Black color
Emu Australia Women's Shark Low Chocolate color
Emu Australia Women's Shark Low Sand color

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