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The brainchild of Clifford and Percy Severn, Koolaburra makes some of the best sheepskin leather footwear ever to come out of Australia. Established in 1991, Koolaburra's a tad younger than most manufacturers of sheepskin-style footwear, but its commitment to style, comfort, and quality are second to none. Unlike many of their competitors, they still make their bootss in Australia, from sheepskin harvested from Aussie sheep stations: because to Koolaburra, both quality and origin matter. When you purchase something from Koolaburra, you're getting something unique Australian, made Down Under -- not in a Chinese factory.


An Aussie icon

In recent years, Koolaburra has achieved the status of an Australian icon. Although the Severns retired in 2005, they passed the business to the capable hands of Jeff and Jennifer Rawlings, so Koolaburra remains a small, family-owned business. Koolaburra footwear is still handcrafted by a small team of leatherworkers in the Western Australian city of Perth, where the finest Merino sheepskin is chosen by trained eyes, and the patterns cut and sewn by hand. The result is high quality, amazingly durable products that are warm, comfortable, and pleasing to the eye, and their tradition of quality comes through in every seam.

What does Koolaburra have to offer? Why, a nice variety of sheepskin boots, slippers, lace-ups, and slip-ons for men, women, and children. Their styles range from the playfully sexy to the fashionably chic to the downright functional, so these are sheepskin boots to fit all your footwear needs, whether you're a jackaroo in need of a sturdy, long-lasting outdoor boot or a high-society lady needing something exciting to wear to the Sydney Opera House. The also have a full line of comfy house slippers perfect for slouching about in your bathrobe on Saturday morning.

Durable fashion and custom comfort

Like all sheepskin-style footwear, Koolaburra products descend from the venerable Australian surf-boot tradition that eventually, considering its stylish looks and pure functionality, caught the worldwide attention of celebrities and ordinary folks alike. Sheepskin boots in general have evolved far from those origins, especially in the ladies' fashion world, but Koolaburra products retain a lot of what made those early sheepskin boots and slip-ons special. For one thing, Koolaburra footwear is so well made that the typical pair will last you for years. Oh, you can buy sheepskin-style footwear that's cheaper, but it's pretty much a given that it'll end up costing you more in the long run -- since you'll probably have to buy two or three pairs (maybe more) to last as long as one single pair of Koolaburras would.

All consideration of stylishness aside -- and Koolaburras are absolutely loaded with style -- there's the matter of comfort. Sheepskin boots and shoes are made to be exquisitely comfortable, toasty warm, and very dry, due largely to the materials they're made of -- protective, tough sheepskin leather and cottony Merino fleece, which both warms and wicks away moisture from the feet. Unlike some of the new styles offered by their competitors, you won't find any Koolaburra footwear lacking fleece. It's part of their commitment to remaining true to their origins.