Visit Minnetonka

If you're a fan of moccasins (and it's the footwear we're talking about here, not the snake), then cast your eyes on Minnetonka's lineup. They specialize in leather moccasins, and coming as they do from the land of the moccasin -- where these soft, comfortable shoes were invented thousands of years ago by the Native Americans -- you know Minnetonka's moccasins are authentic, and they how to do them right. But Minnetonka doesn't limit itself to just moccasins: the company offers a wide range of leather footwear, including sheepskin-style boots, clogs, and slippers, many complete with deep, soft fleece inner linings (though of course their sheepskins are more likely to be American than Australian). Whether you prefer moccasins or sheepskin boots, casual clogs or comfy bathroom slippers, Minnetonka makes 'em. Minnetonka even makes several great-looking leather cowboy hats, though with those, you'll have to make do without the fleece.

So, does Minnetonka mean "Many Varieties?"

If it's variety you want, then Minnetonka's got you covered. This company offers literally dozens of styles for both men and women, with more scheduled to arrive for the Fall 2006 collection. Naturally they come in various colors, especially among the women's styles, as all truly stylish leather footwear should. With their thick fleece inner linings, it's clear than many of their shoes, especially the sheepskin boots, slippers, and loafers, are intended for warm winter comfort. You could tell just by looking that they're both toasty warm and luxuriously comfortable: after all, there's nothing like fleece and formfitting leather to keep the feet happy.

Naturally, Minnetonka footwear is stylish, whether you're talking about driving moccasins, bedroom slippers, or fluffy boots. Would we feature them here if they weren't? On top of that, they're sturdily made, for long lasting durability -- Minnetonka mocs have been known to last ten years or more -- and over time they'll mold to your feet like a pair of gloves. With the possible exception of their bedroom slippers, you can wear just about any pair of Minnetonka shoes or boots anywhere, at any time. Well, you can always wear your Minnetonka leather slippers down to the supermarket or to the office, but don't blame us if people start thinking you're a tad eccentric.

One big difference

Not only does Minnetonka offer a variety of great styles, solidly constructed from durable materials, you may have noticed that Minnetonka footwear tends to be less expensive than most other leather footwear, especially the popular sheepskin-style boots and shoes. If they weren't so fantastically well made, this wouldn't be a big deal -- you might think that you'd have to buy two or three pairs to equal the durability of one pair of Aussie sheepskin boots, but this isn't so. According to the testimonials, Minnetonkas last for years. This is a remarkable advantage, especially considering that they're a domestic American product. For those of us ordering in the U.S., that means no international postage -- so not only do you save on the shoes themselves, you save money on the mailing.