Sheepskin, wool, fleece, shearling...

People have been using sheepskin for hundreds of years, to keep them warm in winter, and comfortable in summer. Known also as wool, fleece or shearling, it is very versatile material, used to make all kinds of clothing and footwear, from coats, hats and gloves, to boots, slippers and clogs.

The European colonists settled in Australia bringing sheep with them. The early settlers had to use all their possessions completely, as resources were very scarce. They used sheep for meat, milk, but as a source of their clothing as well. No wonder that after centuries of sheep industry domination, Australia was said to “ride on sheep’s back”.

The country's most significant and largest land use form is for production of wool, with about 70,000 wool-growing properties ranging from north Queensland to north of Western Australia, as well as Tasmania and the Islands of the Bass Strait.

There are more than 100 million sheep in Australia. The flocks range from a hundred to over 100,000. Over 75% of sheep belong to flocks of 3000 and more. More than 80% of Australian sheep belong to the “Australian Merino” breed. The Merino sheep are large in size and known for their heavy and fine wool. This superb product has been Australia’s major export product since 1820s. Merino sheepskin is ideal for footwear production. It is durable, lightweight, soft, thermostatic, smooth and gentle, which is why ugg boots feel so cozy.