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UGG® Australia is the producer of Ugg® boots, slippers, clogs, shoes, and other footwear. Ugg® Australia is one of the world's largest sheepskin footwear manufacturers, and quite likely the best known.

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The company began humbly in 1978, when a young Aussie surfer named Brian Smith made a trip to California with a batch of Ugg boots, the traditional sheepskin boots worn by Australian surfers to keep their feet warm on cold mornings. When Brian Smith, brought the sheepskin boots form Australia to the US in 1978, he was trying to get them on the market in New York area, but without much success. Being a persistent Aussie mate, he did not give up and moved to California, where he successfully introduced and established his business amongst the surfer community. He was betting that American surfers would find the boots as useful as their Australian counterparts did, and he was right. It wasn't long before uggs became popular among American surfers, and then among the general population -- and Ugg Australia was up and running.

Deckers corp.

UGG® Australia was acquired by Deckers Outdoor Corporation in 1995 (even as UGG® Australia was acquiring the trademarked UGG name from the Celtic Sheepskin Company in the UK), and by 1998 had expanded their line to a whopping ten models. It was in 2000, when daytime TV queen Oprah Winfrey acquired a pair of Ultras, that their popularity started to skyrocket. She liked them so much she bought boots for her entire staff (350 pairs), and UGG® Australia really took off.

Deckers was founded in 1973 with production of sandals. Since then, the Teva sandals became very popular style, although they were originally designed for rafting use. The product range rose to several other footwear types, such as sneakers, and men’s and women’s casual shoes.

UGG® Australia Product Range

UGG® Australia product range is much wider and includes not only footwear, but also items such as totes, handbags, outerwear, muffs and home collection. The accessory products imitate the traditional sheepskin style. The bags collection features sheepskin, brass, and leather details. UGG® Australia aims to maintain the bags feeling and looking rich, functional, with the UGG style signature. The UGG® Australia styles include several collections, such as Sundance, Classic and Fluff. You can get them in several different colors, ranging from sand, chestnut, yellow, baby blue, baby pink, cornflower blue, green, lilac, orchid, orange, navy, ruby, and other being introduced. UGG Australia is the ultimate answer for all fashion lovers who like comfortable and good looking footwear.

Boots and slippers and scarves, oh my!

Ugg Australia Women's Cluggette UGG® Australia has had the wisdom to take advantage of its dominance of the market, and nowadays offers dozens of varieties of leather shoes, boots, scarves, hats, gloves, mittens, and other accessories for men, women, and children alike. Their boots -- especially those championed by Oprah -- have made UGG® Australia a household name, especially among stylish ladies, and they've expanded their facilities beyond Australia and the United States into China. Despite their fairy-tale rags to riches story, however, UGG® Australia has remained true to its roots, which is obvious from a casual glance at this year's line of footwear products. Their shoes and boots still retain the surfer-inspired look, and they're still made from high-quality sheepskin, sturdily constructed and guaranteed to last.

Warm feet, warm heart

While UGG® Australia's products may have rocketed into the stylistic stratosphere in the last few years -- they're frequently featured on runways in the world's fashion capitals -- they remain accessible to the average person. Not only do they look good to the ordinary eye (we've all seen some of the disasters that have been deemed fashionable, and never worn by more than 10 or 12 high-class snobs), but their prices are still down-to-Earth as well. To counter the obvious questions, yes, UGG® Australia's footwear does tend to hover at or over the hundred-dollar mark, but you have to consider what you're getting here. As with the other major sheepskin boots manufacturers, who all focus as much on quality as style, with UGG® Australia you're getting some of the warmest, most luxuriously comfortable shoes and boots in the world. They're made of solid, top-quality sheepskin leather, and they're not going to fall apart in a season, even if you wear them every day. Consider how much you spend on footwear, and then imagine not spending another dime on leather boots for five years or more. Doesn't that make them worth the price?

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