Ugg Australia Men's Ascot

Ugg Australia Men's Ascot

Available Sizes:
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Available Colors:
Chestnut, Coffee, China Tea
Looking for a slipper that's more than a slipper? The Men's Ascot is a great choice. It functions equally well as a cushy, comfortable house slipper or as street shoe, with its tough sole and moccasin-like look. Here's a slipper that you can wear out to the corner store without the neighbors gossiping -- because they'll never know! The handsome leather exterior of this ugg hides a deep cushiony interior made of the finest fleece. You can be casually comfy without seeming eccentric when you're wearing the Ascot. What do the neighbors know from ugg footwear anyway?

Ascot as it gets

If you know anything about Ugg Australia's footwear, then you know that it's extremely durable -- and why would they break tradition with the Ascot? Thank your lucky stars that Ugg Australia depends on their quality to sell shoes and boots to more people, rather than making the same people buy the same stuff more than once -- otherwise, your Men's Ascots might fall apart in six months, like a lot of other so-called "uggs." It won't happen here. Sure, this footwear producer wants you to buy more of their shoes, but only to add to your collection -- not to replace shoddy merchandise. The Ascot's under your bed to stay, which is good, since once you slip on an Ascot you'll never want to wear another slipper again.

Tasty flavors

You can nab your Ugg Australia Men's Ascots in three deliciously earthy colors -- China Tea, Coffee, and Chestnut. Sizes 7-13 are available in each color.

Available colors for Ugg Australia Men's Ascot

Ugg Australia Men's Ascot Chestnut color
Ugg Australia Men's Ascot Coffee color
Ugg Australia Men's Ascot China Tea color
China Tea

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