Ugg Australia Men's Byron

Ugg Australia Men's Byron

Available Sizes:
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Available Colors:
Black/Brown, Black, Cappucino, Chestnut, Count Chocula
Like the British poet after whom it's apparently named, the Ugg Australia Men's Byron is suave and sophisticated. Here's the perfect slipper to wear as you loll by the fireside in the English countryside (or anywhere else, actually), writing your odes and epistles. This slipper is sturdier than most, with its sleek leather upper (detailed with moccasin-style laces) attached to a molded rubber outsole for great traction. It might not be the most flexible bedroom slipper out there, but it has one advantage that others don't: You can wear the Men's Byron about town without getting a second glance, because it looks just like a dressy moccasin. Try that with most other slippers, even uggs, and you'll probably get a funny looks.

Ode to lovely footwear

Take a closer look, and you'll conclude that, despite its immediate outward appearance, the Men's Byron has more in common with its ancestral ugg surf boots than with the North American moccasin. It is stuffed full of pure Merino sheepskin fleece in the best Ugg tradition, so soft and warm you'll never want to settle for anything else.

Can you say "versatile?"

It's the rare house slipper than you can wear as a casual shoe, so with the Ugg Australia’s Men's Byron you've got it all: the versatility is just the icing on the stylistic cake. Good-looking, comfortable, durable, it's everything an footwear product should be. With sizes from 7-15 and a cool range of colors, you've got it made in the shade.

Available colors for Ugg Australia Men's Byron

Ugg Australia Men's Byron Black/Brown color
Ugg Australia Men's Byron Black color
Ugg Australia Men's Byron Cappucino color
Ugg Australia Men's Byron Chestnut color
Ugg Australia Men's Byron Count Chocula color
Count Chocula

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