Ugg Australia Women's Classic Down Vest

Ugg Australia Women's Classic Down Vest

Available Sizes:
L, M, S, XL, XS
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While the Ugg Australia Women's Classic Down Vest is surprisingly lightweight, it's also warm and comfortable -- though that shouldn't be too surprising, considering the manufacturer. Like the 3/4 Down Coat, this vest is constructed of sturdy sheepskin leather, fleece, and soft, squishy, exquisitely warm goose down. Think of as a shortened, beltless down coat that leaves your arms free for the important stuff. It'll go well with most ugg boots and the related gloves, scarves, and such, though the fashion gurus suggest the Cargo II boot and the Ultra Headband.

Vested interests

Slap the Classic Down Vest on over a sweater, and you've got the ideal out garment for a quick jaunt to the store, a run to the mailbox, or even a night on the town. Of course, you'll look smashing wearing this vest; and you can rest assured that, in addition to its warmth, comfort, and supreme style, you'll also get extreme durability. Like your other Ugg Australia products, it'll last a good long time, and you never have to worry about it failing you unexpectedly. Fear not -- it'll be around for years to come, to save you from both the cold and a lack of stylishness.

Can I get that in

If you're looking for the Ugg's Classic Down Vest in either Black or Dove, you're in luck! Those are the only two colors you can get them in, at least for now. The size options are somewhat more generous, thank goodness: these vests come in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Small, and Extra Large.

Available colors for Ugg Australia Women's Classic Down Vest

Ugg Australia Women's Classic Down Vest Black color

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