Ugg Australia Kid's Cozy

Ugg Australia Kid's Cozy

Available Sizes:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13
Available Colors:
Chestnut, Cornflower Blue, Lilac, Light Sand, Orchid
If ever there was a well-named piece of footwear, this is it. A classic backless slipper, the Ugg Australia Kid's Cozy is lined on the inside with all the sheepskin fleece the Ugg designers could stuff into it; any more, and there wouldn't be any room for your kid's foot! Naturally, the upper is constructed of soft suede leather, and it's attached to a flexible rubber sole that's thick enough to offer plenty of protection and traction both. The Kid's Cozy is a great all-around ugg-style house slipper that your kid will love as much as you love yours.

Cozy comfort

The Ugg Australia Kid's Cozy is distinguished by a stylish fleece collar as well as thick seams secured with double stitching, and of course the Ugg logo is detailed on the side. It'll keep those tender tootsies well away from the cold floor, and they'll stay warm and dry no matter what the weather's like outside. It goes without saying that the Kid's Cozy also has the Ugg Australia tradition of quality included in every stitch, just like all their footwear. This is quite likely a slipper that will be handed down to several different children, at least, before it heads for that great Shoetree in the Sky.

Warm and stylin'

Lilac, Orchid, Light Sand, Cornflower Blue, and Chestnut are the colors of the Ugg Australia Kid's Cozy, so there's not quite a rainbow for you to choose from (but close enough). It also comes in one of Ugg's widest ranges of sizes: 10-13 for the littlest ones, and 1-6 for the older kids. Best of all, the Cozy is ideal for either your little Tiger or your little Princess.

Available colors for Ugg Australia Kid's Cozy

Ugg Australia Kid's Cozy Chestnut color
Ugg Australia Kid's Cozy Cornflower Blue color
Cornflower Blue
Ugg Australia Kid's Cozy Lilac color
Ugg Australia Kid's Cozy Light Sand color
Light Sand
Ugg Australia Kid's Cozy Orchid color

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