Ugg Australia Women's Fluff Momma

Ugg Australia Women's Fluff Momma

Available Sizes:
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Available Colors:
Black, Cornflower Blue, Natural, Orchid, Pink
One thing that you could never call the Ugg Australia Women's Fluff Momma Boot is "hard to notice." These Uggs stand out like a Rottweiler at a cat convention. With their all-over three-inch thickness of cozy fleece, Fluff Mommas offer all the "Fluff Appeal" you can handle. Made more for play than work, these Ugg boots are at home in cities all over the world -- and Fluff Mommas were part of the trend that got the world so interested in Uggs in the first place.

They'll only have eyes for you

If you're a shrinking violet, then Fluff Momma Boots probably aren't for you. If, on the other hand, you just love attention, then you've found your sheepskin boots. If someone takes a look at these, they'll be sure to look twice. And it never hurts for them to think you got your Fluff Mommas purely for style reasons; you can just stand there enjoying the soft flannel and wool lining and the gratifying warmth while they compliment you on your fashion sense.

To Ugg, or not to Ugg

Fashion sense or common sense, it makes sense to treat yourself to a nice pair of Women's Fluff Momma Boots. For too long, style and comfort have been contradictory terms; not anymore. Now you can enjoy both at once, and in Pink, too. They also come in slinky Black, Natural (a.k.a., white), Orchid, and Cornflower Blue. One or more Fluff Momma color is sure to be right up your stylistic alley. Ugg Australia Fluff Momma boots feature 3 inches of exposed sheepskin for the greatest fluff look. Seen on the streets of New York or in Aspen, these ugg boots feature also wool lining and flannel for extra comfort. Good traction is provided by blown rubber. Get a pair of this fun Ugg Australia footwear and expect envious looks from people around you.

Available colors for Ugg Australia Women's Fluff Momma

Ugg Australia Women's Fluff Momma Black color
Ugg Australia Women's Fluff Momma Cornflower Blue color
Cornflower Blue
Ugg Australia Women's Fluff Momma Natural color
Ugg Australia Women's Fluff Momma Orchid color
Ugg Australia Women's Fluff Momma Pink color

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