Ugg Australia Men's Glove with Sidewalls

Ugg Australia Men's Glove with Sidewalls

Available Sizes:
L, M, XL
Available Colors:
Black Multi, Brown Multi
Though they started out as a footwear company back in the 1970s, it wasn't long before Ugg Australia realized that sheepskin worked just as well for gloves as it did for shoes and boots. One of the results has been the Ugg Australia Men's Glove with Sidewalls, which was introduced in the fall of 2006 (previous glove manufacture focused primarily on women's models). Not only are these sleek men's gloves pleasing to the eye, one especially appealing feature for the wearer is the extra-soft shearling fleece they're filled with -- all the better to maximize your comfort. And, of course, in addition to standard Ugg Australia comfort and style, you've got the just-as-standard long lasting durability that makes their products so dependable.

Completing the look

We realize you're at no loss in deciding what you'll wear with the Men's Glove with Sidewalls (short answer: anything), but we've got a few suggestions. Consider the Berrien boot and the Café Racer jacket if you're going for a particularly studly look. Chinos and a bomber jacket wouldn't look too bad, either. On the other hand, these gloves will easily go with just about anything, from jeans to sweatshirt to suit. Swimming trunks, not so much.

How big are your hands?

The Ugg Australia Men's Glove with Sidewalls comes in two no-nonsense color combinations: Brown Multi, and Black Multi. They do, however, dispense with the one-size-fits-all business that some glove makers try to foist on us. These gloves come in Medium, Large, and Extra Large -- sorry, kids.

Available colors for Ugg Australia Men's Glove with Sidewalls

Ugg Australia Men's Glove with Sidewalls Black Multi color
Black Multi
Ugg Australia Men's Glove with Sidewalls Brown Multi color
Brown Multi

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