Ugg Australia Women's Hampton

Ugg Australia Women's Hampton

Available Sizes:
10, 11, 12, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Available Colors:
Black, Brown, Red, Sand
Modern, classy, soft, and sassy: that describes the Ugg Australia Women's Hampton Shoe to a T. These are Uggs taken to the next level, where style, comfort, and value come together to create something utterly unique. Oh, there may be other Ugg-style leather clogs out there, but they lack that extra something you'll find in Ugg Australia's Women's Hamptons. Maybe it's the contrast stitching and exposed fleece cuff; or maybe it's just the inherent savoir-faire. With the Hampton shoe, it's everywhere!

Hit the Hamptons in your Hamptons

Just ask others who've tried on the Women's Hampton: they'll tell you it's a dream of comfort, an unparalleled happy-making Ugg that fits your foot like a glove. The thick fleece, which extends from the footbed to the upper, is great for those of us who hate to wear socks, because it keeps your feet warm even in chilly weather. Not only that, the fleece wicks moisture away from your skin, so no more damp, stinky feet! The upper is made of leather or suede, and bottom sole is formed of thick molded rubber for great traction.

Sleek, comfortable clogs

If you prefer slip-on shoes, you'll like the Women's Hampton Shoe. It slides on and off like a dream (there's that word again). To make it even easier, there's a hidden zipper on the side of each Hampton shoe that no one needs to know about but you. A paragon of casual style, these Uggs are great with jeans but are just right for skirts and dresses, too.

Available colors for Ugg Australia Women's Hampton

Ugg Australia Women's Hampton Black color
Ugg Australia Women's Hampton Brown color
Ugg Australia Women's Hampton Red color
Ugg Australia Women's Hampton Sand color

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