Ugg Australia Women's Joplin

Ugg Australia Women's Joplin

Available Sizes:
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Available Colors:
Black, Espresso
Hmmm; this one might require a little study. Is it named after Scott, the ragtime king? Janis, the tragic rock-and-roll figure? The quiet town in Missouri, the home of the amusingly named FAG Bearings? If we had to guess, we'd say the middle one, since it's listed as rock-inspired. Whatever the case, the Ugg Australia Women's Joplin exhibits more than its share of what our French friends call je ne se quois, the "I don't know what" that makes some fashion items so appealing. From the metallic designs encircling the cuff and extending down the back-line to the soft suede leather of the boot itself, the Joplin exudes its own distinctive flair.

Living in the spotlight

Ladies, if you want a durable, good-looking cold-weather boot, the Joplin will serve you admirably. It goes without saying that it's absolutely stuffed with thick sheepskin fleece (the better to keep you warm with, my dear), and the outsole is a solid work of art crafted from both EVA and rubber so that you'll be able to maintain your footing no matter what the weather: ice, snow, water, or wind. Needless to say, your Joplin isn't just comfortable and attractive, it's so durable that even the longest winter won't cause a breakdown.

Sweet creation

This warm leather and sheepskin creation even comes with a full-length zipper, perfect for getting in and out and maintaining a close fit. As far as colors go you're limited to Espresso and Black, but they come in all Women's sizes from 5-12.

Available colors for Ugg Australia Women's Joplin

Ugg Australia Women's Joplin Black color
Ugg Australia Women's Joplin Espresso color

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