Ugg Australia Women's La Jolla

Ugg Australia Women's La Jolla

Available Sizes:
5, 11, 12
Available Colors:
Cork Suede, Shadow
The Ugg Australia Women's La Jolla is doubtless one of the best looking boots that's ever been named after a California city -- though despite its surf-inspired name, if fairly screams "ski-boot!" Crafted of fine pebbled sheepskin leather, it's obviously meant to keep your tootsies warm and dry while you're crunching through the powder at the local mountainside resort. Of course, it's the thick sheepskin fleece that gives it away. These are the kind of sheepskin boots you wear on the slopes warm, though of course they wouldn't look out of place at a Hollywood premier or a barbecue. That's Uggs for you, all over.

All over La Jolla, and Waimea Bay…

You know what else is all over the Women's La Jolla? Style, class, and good looks, that's what. Besides the functional leather construction, the La Jolla features leather laces, a reinforced heel, and a footbed constructed of space-age Poron fabric overlain by creamy, smooth leather. Stick a foot in here, and it'll think it's gone to heaven. Isn't it about time you tried on some footwear that actually pampered your feet instead of hurting them?

A steal at any price

Fair warning: these Ugg boots are hot -- and we're talking hotcakes hot. As in, "Selling like hotcakes." That doesn't mean you won't be able to find the ones you want, but it may be difficult to find your size and color on occasion. But fear not: Ugg Australia knows a winner when it sees one, and you can be sure that the Ugg Australia Women's La Jolla will be a perennial model for the Aussie manufacturer, and stocks will surely be replenished in a twinkling.

Available colors for Ugg Australia Women's La Jolla

Ugg Australia Women's La Jolla Cork Suede color
Cork Suede
Ugg Australia Women's La Jolla Shadow color

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