Ugg Australia Women's Locarno

Ugg Australia Women's Locarno

Available Sizes:
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Available Colors:
Black, Brown
Now here's a sleek boot. Inspired by the classic leather bomber jacket, the Ugg Australia Women's Locarno adds understated style to your wardrobe. This sleek leather boot offers an exposed shearling cuff, mindful of a bomber jacket's collar, and naturally this cushy stuff lines the entire boot, making it as comfortable as anything you've ever worn. The Locarno is also as toasty-warm as a good leather bomber jacket, too. Not only that, it's easier to get on and off than it looks, given the hidden zipper inside. Add that to the fact that it looks great with a pair of jeans or under a skirt, and you might want to wear the Locarno all winter. If so, go ahead -- with the quality construction guaranteed by Ugg Australia, you can count on it lasting for a very long time.

Snazzy detailing

The Ugg Australia Women's Locarno offers more than warmth and comfort -- the detailing, from the sturdy stitching to the fetching straps on either side, adds to the stylistic good looks of these boots. Not only that, it comes with a thick, textured sole, designed to help you maintain your footing through the worst that winter can dish out.

Locarno Stats

All of the above in one package -- what a bargain! Sadly, you'll have to make do with just two basic earthy colors, Brown and Black, but you can get the Ugg Australia Women's Locarno in Ugg Australia's full range of ladies' boot sizes, 5-12.

Available colors for Ugg Australia Women's Locarno

Ugg Australia Women's Locarno Black color
Ugg Australia Women's Locarno Brown color

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