Ugg Australia Women's Momma Mongolian Fluff Hat

Ugg Australia Women's Momma Mongolian Fluff Hat

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Black, Natural
Here's a perennial favorite: the Ugg Australia Women's Momma Mongolian Fluff Hat. Extravagantly fluffy, it offers the kind of look that's rarely been seen in the West since the Mongols invaded Eastern Europe in the Twelfth Century. This hat is a surefire head-turner that combines a smooth, twin-face leather crown with a thick, luxurious fleece brim, offering the kind of warmth that can protect you in any level of cold. It goes best with the renowned Fluff Momma or Rainier ugg boots, but it'll look superbly stylish no matter what you wear it with. Might look a bit odd with a bikini, though.


One thing you'll never lack, when reading about Ugg Australia products, are the words "stylish," "comfortable," and (for their cold weather gear) "warm". Sure enough, those all apply to the Ugg's Women's Momma Mongolian Fluff Hat, along with standards like "top quality", "well-made", and "craftsmanship." We'd like to point out, however, that "unique" should be on that list, too. After all, when was the last time you saw anyone else offer a Mongolian-style sheepskin hat, at least before Ugg Australia came out with theirs? Ummm, how about…never?

Fluffy Momma's Hat

The Momma Mongolian hat is yet another addition to Ugg Australia's popular, fluffy "Momma" product line. The Ugg Australia Women's Momma Mongolian with Turn Cuff (as it's officially known) is the industry-standard turn-cuff women's hat, with all the fluff appeal that only a Momma could love. Wherever you may venture in the fashion sea, the Momma Mongolian will surely turn away the icy icebergs of envy you'll get from those insufficiently astute to acquire their own fluffy Ugg hat.

Uggs to keep your brain warm

The Women's Momma Mongolian combines the warmth and comfort of twin-faced Ugg sheepskin with the poofy puffiness of two full inches of thick, warm fleece for a style that's utterly unforgettable (think Genghis Khan without the spike). The Mongolians have always lived in some of the coldest climes in the world, so they know what's warm -- and this hat is perfect for keeping your head from freezing into a little ice cube with ears. Even better, you'll find that the Momma Mongolian is comfortable even in temperatures up to 80F. The thermostatic fleece breathes so well you'll stay warm when you should and cool when you need to.

Pick Your Color

The Ugg Australia Women's Momma Mongolian Fluff Hat is most easily obtained in earthy colors like Black and Natural (i.e., tan), but fear not: you can get them in funky colors too, including Orchid and Cornflower. It comes in a single one-size-fits-all model that's perfect for just about any head.

One size fits all

Most Uggs come in a variety of sizes, but not the Women's Momma Mongolian hat; in this rare case, one size really does fit all. The Momma Mongolian's interior has a circumference of 23.5 inches, and is sinfully comfortable. If basic Black doesn't suit you, you can get the Momma Mongolian in Cornflower Blue or Orchid, too.

Available colors for Ugg Australia Women's Momma Mongolian Fluff Hat

Ugg Australia Women's Momma Mongolian Fluff Hat Black color
Ugg Australia Women's Momma Mongolian Fluff Hat Natural color

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