Ugg Australia Women's Momma Scarf

Ugg Australia Women's Momma Scarf

Available Colors:
Black, Cornflower Blue, Orchid
If you like the poofy, puffy style of Fluff Momma boots and Momma Fluff gloves, you'll love the Ugg Australia Women's Momma Scarf (or, as we like to call it, Big Momma Scarf). This fat, sinuous scarf coordinates perfectly with the other Momma Uggs, from color to comfort to outrageous style. The exposed fluff of the Women's Momma Scarf will make you feel as special as you are, and warm you up both inside and out.

Scarf it up

Is it a scarf, a boa, or a stole? Whatever it is, we're talking radical Ugg-ness here. Combine this fleece piece with the boots and gloves it's made to match, and you've got an ensemble that's hard to outdo. Or use the Women's Momma Scarf as an accent to your ordinary wardrobe, for that casual bit of elegance calculated to draw the attention that's rightfully yours. The Momma Scarf goes great with the Momma Mongolian hat or Fluff Pocket Messenger purse, too. It's clear that Ugg Australia has gotten the message: fluffy and puffy is in for Uggs.

Get fuzzy!

You can get your Women's Momma Scarf in any of the great Fluff colors, from basic Black (the new black) to Orchid to Cornflower Blue and beyond. The only caveat is that you've gotta grab 'em while they're hot. Certain colors of Big Momma Scarf have been known to run out suddenly, and you don't want to be caught out waiting until the new ones come online. It might be months!

Available colors for Ugg Australia Women's Momma Scarf

Ugg Australia Women's Momma Scarf Black color
Ugg Australia Women's Momma Scarf Cornflower Blue color
Cornflower Blue
Ugg Australia Women's Momma Scarf Orchid color

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