Ugg Australia Women's Scuffette

Ugg Australia Women's Scuffette

Available Sizes:
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Available Colors:
Chestnut, Cornflower Blue, Lilac, Light Sand, Orchid
Ugg shoes are so comfortable, who wouldn’t want to wear them around the house? Especially this winter when you’re no doubt going to freeze your little tootsies off even with the heat turned up to full blast. For those who want to wear the best even when lounging around the house, the Ugg Australia Women’s Scuffette Slipper is the must have slippers of the season.

Ugg warmth and comfort every day

With Ugg, you can always expect quality and since slippers are worn everyday, everywhere around the house, it’s wise to invest in the very best. What’s the point of buying cheap slippers only to have to replace them every few months? The Scuffette Slipper is lightweight and made from sheepskin suede and lined with 100% natural authentic sheepskin with soft shearling fleece trimming the heel and the top mid-sole. It’s the sheepskin that keeps your feet warm and dry wicking away any moisture that may develop. The slip resistant rubber soles hold up well for slippery bathroom or kitchen surfaces and can even be worn outside for short periods of time if need be. To top it off, the famous UGG logo is embossed on one side of each slipper so everyone knows you’re wearing top of the line slippers.

Give your feet deserved break at home

Available in sand, chestnut, cornflower blue and orchid, there’s a color available to suit any personality type. These stylish Ugg Scuffette Slippers are the perfect pair for relaxing in front of the TV or for doing those dreaded errands – at least with these velvety soft slippers, they won’t seem half as bad!

Available colors for Ugg Australia Women's Scuffette

Ugg Australia Women's Scuffette Chestnut color
Ugg Australia Women's Scuffette Cornflower Blue color
Cornflower Blue
Ugg Australia Women's Scuffette Lilac color
Ugg Australia Women's Scuffette Light Sand color
Light Sand
Ugg Australia Women's Scuffette Orchid color

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