Ugg Australia Women's Shearling Vest

Ugg Australia Women's Shearling Vest

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L, M, S, XL, XS
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Shearling sheepskin and thick fleece come together to form the Ugg Australia Women's Shearling Vest, the warmest and most comfortable sleeveless garment any lady could ask for. On top of that, it looks absolutely fabulous, and it'll be sure to make heads turn everywhere you go. The fleece-lined exposed seams are especially striking. This is the perfect outerwear item to wear with a nice set of cold weather ugg boots, and you'll have quite a look going if you add a nice pair of the gloves or one of the scarves Ugg Australia's been producing in the last few years.

Zip it up

In many winter situations, it's a good idea to make sure your arms have a wide freedom of movement, whether you're skiing or just spending a hard day shopping. These are the perfect situations for wearing your Ugg's Women's Shearling Vest, especially if you pair it with a sweater or two. Then again, it's not a bad vest to just be seen in. Anyone who sees you in this shearling-and-fleece creation will know that you care not only about how you look, but about quality too -- because it's obvious from a glance that your Women's Shearling Vest is both well-made and made to last.

Mmm, chocolate

There's just one problem with the Ugg Australia Women's Shearling Vest: it comes in but one color, at least for now. But if you can stand wearing Chocolate, then we definitely recommend you buy one -- you can't go wrong with it.

Available colors for Ugg Australia Women's Shearling Vest

Ugg Australia Women's Shearling Vest Chocolate color

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