Ugg Australia Men's Talladega

Ugg Australia Men's Talladega

Available Sizes:
7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13, 14, 15
Available Colors:
Tempest, Zephyr
The Ugg Australia Men's Talladega might surprise some of those who see it for the first time: it's a sleek loafer-style shoe that bears few of the characteristic features of most Ugg footwear. That's not to say it isn't stylish -- in its own way, it's striking. Available in earthy fall colors, the Men's Talladega offers a tough sheepskin leather exterior over a flexible, split rubber outsole that's both comfortable and shaped for maximum wear. With the Talladega you get two -- count 'em, two -- interchangeable insoles. Both are made of space-age Poron fabric, one overlain with sheepskin and the other with leather.

New ugg direction

When you see the Ugg Australia Men's Talladega, you immediately think "sophisticated" as well as "stylish." You've got all the typical Ugg Australia craftsmanship to pamper your feet, along with the durable construction that the company prides itself on -- but if you think there's something missing, you're right. There's no fleece in sight, a fact that may seem odd to Ugg aficionados, but fits the Men's Talladega to a T.

Talladega nights

The designers had a wide range of social situations in mind when they put together the Men's Talladega. It's as much at home in the casual office as it is out having a beer with the guys; after all, it's a true loafer (there's even a place to stick a penny, if you want to go that far). You could even wear it out on a date or two. As far as sizes go, Ugg Australia has you covered with Sizes 7-15, as with most of their men's footwear.

Available colors for Ugg Australia Men's Talladega

Ugg Australia Men's Talladega Tempest color
Ugg Australia Men's Talladega Zephyr color

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