Ugg Australia Women's Thelma

Ugg Australia Women's Thelma

Available Sizes:
5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 11, 12
Available Colors:
Balsam, Black, Coin, Oyster, Zephyr
Presenting the Ugg Australia Women's Thelma: can the Louise be far behind? This moccasin, made of textured sheepskin leather, offers yet another distinctive addition to extensive line of sheepskin shoes. Billed as a women's driving moccasin, Ugg Australia calls this a "true statement of luxury." The interior of the Women's Thelma is, of course, stuffed with fuzzy fleece for maximum comfort, and it's also as flexible as they come; though it's got a solid, textured rubber pedal-pusher heel, the rest of the sole is comprised of rubber pods spelling out the Ugg logo. Warmth, comfort, flexibility -- what more can you ask of a driving moc?

Ugg pedal to the metal

Well, okay -- with the Women's Thelma, Ugg Australia also offers detail in the form of a cute buckle; a snazzy low profile; and the durable construction you've come to love. Naturally, the fleecy interior also includes a space-age Poron fabric insole for even more comfort. Slip on a pair of Thelmas, and you'll be ready for your drive, whether it takes one hour or ten. Unlike some shoes, you won't be counting the minutes until you can take them off -- you'll be relishing every second it pampers your feet.

Footwear to die for

Oops -- there's a little problem with the Women's Thelma boot. See, it comes in a lot of colors, so you might have trouble picking the one that's right for you. Do you want leather that's Zephyr, Oyster, Coin, Black or Balsam? Here's another tidbit -- the Women's Thelma also comes in sizes from 5-12, including some half sizes! Oh, joy!

Available colors for Ugg Australia Women's Thelma

Ugg Australia Women's Thelma Balsam color
Ugg Australia Women's Thelma Black color
Ugg Australia Women's Thelma Coin color
Ugg Australia Women's Thelma Oyster color
Ugg Australia Women's Thelma Zephyr color

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