Ugg Australia Women's Ultimate Tall

Ugg Australia Women's Ultimate Tall

Available Colors:
Black, Chestnut, Sand
Australia must be the Southern Hemisphere's equivalent of Texas, because they like stuff big and tough there. Foster's Lager, Bondi Beach waves...and now the Ugg Australia Women's Ultimate Tall Boot. When you want to make a fashion statement stretching from the tips of your toes to your calves, Ultimate Talls are the boots to make it in. Roomy, flush with fleece, and sleek as a bird's wing, the Women's Ultimate Tall comes complete with a fold-down cuff and adjustable toggle for extra Ugg-comfort and Ugg-style.

Grand and in demand

These Uggs just might be the most comfortable boot ever. The kicker is that the Ultimate Tall isn't just comfortable and warm when you're sitting inside, it's comfy and warm outdoors, where it counts. The Ultimate Tall Boot practically sneers at snow. The rugged, seamed outsole, dense suede exterior, and plush shearling liner of these Uggs all combine to shut out cold air and wick nasty moisture away from your feet. The result is warm tootsies all day long, and no stinky feet! Just be sure to buy 'em a little small, because Ultimates tend to run a little big.

Winter -- Bah!

If you're from a warmer clime like Texas or Oahu, the concept of winter boots like the Ultimate Talls may seem a bit strange. But step out on a February day in New York, Wisconsin, or Canada, and you'll understand in a flash. That's why you need a pair of these extraordinary Women's Ultimate Tall Boots. Warm, dry, easy on the feet -- they're just too comfortable for words, so we'll stop here.

Available colors for Ugg Australia Women's Ultimate Tall

Ugg Australia Women's Ultimate Tall Black color
Ugg Australia Women's Ultimate Tall Chestnut color
Ugg Australia Women's Ultimate Tall Sand color

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