Ugg Australia Women's Ultra Short

Ugg Australia Women's Ultra Short

Available Sizes:
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Available Colors:
Black, Chestnut, Chocolate, Sand
If any Ugg boot can be considered a model of understated elegance, the Ugg Australia Women's Ultra Short Boot sure fits the bill. This snug little Ugg shares the classic features of Uggs everywhere, from the shearling fleece lining to the tough leather exterior, but the Ultra Short Boot makes them all its own. Have you reserved your pair of Ultra Shorts yet? Why not?

It's ultra, it's short, it's Ultra Short!

The interior of the Women's Ultra Short Boot can only be described as heaven for the foot -- because when your little hoof feels it, it'll think it's died and gone to heaven. Sure, that's easy to say, but just take a look: how else would you describe the half-inch of fleece inserted all around? And let's not forget the other fine features packaged with these Uggs: the durable sheepskin exterior, reinforced with cowskin suede on heel and toe; wonderful warmth; thick, lugged rubber heel; great arch support; exquisite may be Ultra Short in height, but this boot is ultra-long everywhere else.

To and fro in the snow

Ladies, if you've just got to stand in fluffy white frozen water crystals for hours at a time, you can do worse than Ugg Australia's Women's Ultra Short Boots. Cute and fuzzy, awesomely warm, cozy and comfy...these words don't even begin to cover it. Sadly, you're not the first to discover this, which is why these boots are so often on backorder. If you want to get the Ultra Shorts you're after, better hurry! The Ugg Australia Ultra Short boots are the number one sheepskin shoes for comfort and warmth. You won’t be able to find a close match in warmth, versatility and comfort. You can also wear them without socks. The thermostatic nature of sheepskin will keep your feet comfortable at all times!

Available colors for Ugg Australia Women's Ultra Short

Ugg Australia Women's Ultra Short Black color
Ugg Australia Women's Ultra Short Chestnut color
Ugg Australia Women's Ultra Short Chocolate color
Ugg Australia Women's Ultra Short Sand color

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