Ugg Boots and Celebrities

What we call Ugg boots first come into existence in the 1930s, as footwear meant for surfers and Australian sheepherders. Nowadays, however, it seems that the media equates Ugg boots and celebrities, with us normal Ugg fans overlooked. While it's true that Uggs and celebrities do mix well, it's wise to remember that the sheepskin shoes footwear was popular long before they came to the notice of celebrities like Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson. The phenomenon of Uggs and celebrities is relatively recent, though of course the manufacturers can't complain; even if it's the "fad of the moment," and Ugg boots and celebrities soon part ways, it surely can't hurt sales.

When famous meets fashion

Uggs have been well regarded for decades for their unique combination of comfort, value and durability. But now that the famous have discovered them, Ugg boots and celebrities have become virtually synonymous. Famous folks brag of owning multiple pairs of sheepskin footwear, and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson have been photographed wearing them just about everywhere. The Uggs and celebrities connection has lessened in recent months, though they are still riding the high-fashion wave. For companies like Ugg Australia, the lessened emphasis on celebrities has led to the expansion of the brand line to include a greater range of footwear, as well as handbags, coats, vests, and the like - so it's all good.

Ugg Boots and Celebrities: the Oprah connection

When Oprah Winfrey gave her thumbs-up to Uggs, she set off a craze for sheepskin boots, and celebrities everywhere took note. Fuzzy Fluff Mommas from Ugg Australia were especially popular, but styles for men and kids also got extra attention. In fact, Ugg Boots and celebrities have gotten so much attention that, since 2003, Uggs hand-painted by celebrities like Britney Spears and Billy Joel have been auctioned off on Ebay, with the proceeds going to charity. Now there's an Ugg boots-and-celebrities combination that everyone can be proud of!

Will his/her look fit me?

Say you're looking at one of the many images of Ugg boots and celebrities wearing them, and you're wondering: will that look fit me? We can confidently state that it will. Ugg boots look great whether you're wearing slacks, skirt, or jeans, and they're not just for celebrities; they're for everyone. Not only that, these sturdily-built sheepskin boots are so inexpensive that just about anyone can afford them. So don't make the mistake of thinking the terms "Ugg boots" and "celebrities" are joined at the hip.

Why Ugg Boots and Celebrities get such attention

The short answer? Because celebrities are ultra-visible, and as such are trendsetters. People are going to notice whatever they wear, eat, or do. Without finding a pair and trying them on ourselves, how are we going to know what these boots look like in action? Fortunately, celebrities like Oprah and Jessica Simpson are considerate enough to do the tests for us, and aren't shy about passing on the results!