Ugg Boots Characteristics

Ugg Boots Properties and Features

The sheepskin boots and slippers offer a wide range of characteristics, which make them desirable and universal footwear for women, men and kids around the house, outdoors or as a hot fashion statement. Sheepskin is thermostatic by nature, and the fleece lining can be work all times of year, keeping your feet warm in winter, and dry in hot. Your ugg boots will keep you comfortable in extremely low temperatures up to -30 F and as high as 80 F.

In cold temperatures, the fleece works as an insulating layer of warmth and keeps the warmth of body heat inside of the boot. In the heat, the wool fibers keep the air circulating; thus keeping your fee dry and pulling the perspiration away from your skin. Sheepskin also contains lanolin, which moisturizes your feet when worn barefoot. Therefore, typical way to wear uggs is without socks. So ladies, as you can see, you can wear your fashionable classic tall ugg boots all year!

Most ugg boots have reinforced toes, which are double stitched and extra durable heels. Some of them feature a natural, thick fleece on a removable in-sole for arch support. The sole is usually durable in most terrain, lightweight and provides traction as well.