Ugg Slippers

The sheepskin revolution isn't limited to Ugg boots: those fashion mavens at Ugg Australia, have applied the classic materials and design of Uggs to other footwear, including that most intimate of shoe, the bedroom slipper! Ugg slippers are made with the same sturdy construction and the same materials as other sheepskin footwear, and they're so darned comfortable you'll want to wear them everywhere. Fortunately, they are made to fit just about any surroundings and situation.

Stylin' at Home

With Ugg slippers, you can experience comfort and style every time you get out of bed. We know you look for functionality more than style when you're in the market for home slippers, but style and good looks come free with the package. Of course, these slippers do more than protect your feet against the cold floor; they pamper you with comfort so exquisite your feet will think they're in foot heaven. All that, and great looks too.

Are Ugg slippers worth a few extra bucks?

What makes Uggs slippers different from other types of home footwear? They are, as the name implies, exclusively slip-on shoes, and they're made for hanging around the house; as such, they're not as tough as everyday shoes, and don't have the heavy, high-traction soles, which would certainly detract from a slipper's comfort. That's not to say that they're not durable. They'll provide years of satisfying use; and some models, like the Ugg Australia Tasman, come complete with full-shoe style and toughened soles for indoor and outdoor activity. Others, like the Ugg Australia's Scuff Slippers, are the type of sheepskin slippers meant exclusively for shuffling around the house.

Matchless comfort

When it comes to comfort, Uggs slippers are like a broken drum: they can't be beat! This is no idle claim; your humble writer knows it's true, because he's wearing a pair right now (ahhhh!). With their supple suede exteriors and fleece-lined interiors, wearing sheepskin slippers is surely akin to walking on a cloud. The genuine shearling fleece used to line these shoes is thermostatic, which means that it can help keep your feet comfortable in temperatures ranging from -30 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It also wicks away moisture, keeping your feet dry. Ugg slippers are so light and warm that it's easy to forget that you're wearing any shoes at all.

Ugg slippers by the boatload

If you're looking for a great pair of sheepskin slippers, you're in luck: they're available by the boatload. Not only do sharp retailers like L.L. Bean and Lands' End carry their own versions, but Ugg experts like Ugg Australia have whole lines of Uggs slippers in stock. Ugg Australia alone makes seven different types of slippers, and Emu Australia has eight types of sheepskin slippers. Some of these models are so great looking, so down-to-earth, that you can probably get away with wearing them in public. So enjoy!