Ugg Boots Styles

What styles of uggs are out there?

Classic Tall Ugg Boots

Classic Tall Ugg BootThe classic tall, or sometimes called essential tall are some of the most desirable sheepskin footwear. The boot shaft is usually around 12’’ (30cm). Most of the models allow you to fold the top down, which is practical especially during the warmer months. In the winter, you can keep the upper folded up to keep your feet warm and comfy. They have a very nice snug feel against the bare feet and legs. The tall styles tend to look best with short skirts or even shorts.

Ultra Tall Ugg Boots

The ultra tall uggs are very comfortable and cozy against bare legs, especially because this kind of boot usually reaches up to your knee. Most of the brands are around 14” (35 cm) tall. They are predominantly intended to be worn in colder temperatures, but due to thermostatic nature of the sheepskin, you can wear them in also in warm months. You can fold the upper part down with most models. The ultra tall uggs are generally also more reinforced for retention of shape and extra support.

Classic Short Ugg Boots

Classic Short Ugg BootThe classic short uggs are one of the most popular styles for several good reasons. First of all, they are easier to put on than the tall models. They do not restrict your foot when you’re trying to get it into the boot and also give you bit more width around your calf when compared to the tall boots. They are usually about 10’’ (25 cm) in height from the sole to the top. If you get a pair made of authentic double faced sheepskin, you can wear them all year long. The classic short uggs are popular amongst surfers for their practicality comfort. They look great with long skirts or jeans.

Ultra Short Ugg Boots

Ultra Short Ugg BootMost models of the ultra short uggs are a little narrower fit than the classics, so if you have narrower feet, or your feet tend to feel cold, this is the style of boots for you. The narrower fit will give more support but some people think that they also look a little clunkier losing some of the attribute that makes the UGG fun. Be careful when choosing size. Most manufacturers offer their footwear in whole sizes only, so if you wear a half size, it is generally better to go down, as the boot will stretch and you don’t want it to feel sloppy on your feet.

Ugg Slippers

The ugg slippers offer the cozy and comfortable feeling of sheepskin and are a great choice for your home, and come with waterproof sole, so you can also use them to go grab your paper or empty the garbage. Some models fit around your heel, other let you slide your foot in and out easily. The are a good choice for stone or tiled floors to keep your feet warm.

Sundance Ugg Boots

Sundance Ugg BootThe Sundance uggs come in short as well as tall versions. They are one of the most recognizable variations. They feature poofy exterior which feels snugly around your legs. The sundance boots are great for colder climates due to their excellent thermostatic nature.