Ugg Boots Care

How to care for your uggs

To maintain it’s unique characteristics, sheepskin footwear needs attention and care. Ugg boots are naturally water-resistant, but only to small amounts of water. If you want your uggs last long, you should avoid mud or deep water. You can use water or stain repellent for increased protection, which is suitable for sheepskin.

Ugg boots are washable, but do not put them into the washing machine. Wash them only by hand, using cold to warm water and hand soap, or soap designed specifically for sheepskin (for example Ugg Australia Cleaner & Conditioner). Do not apply the soap or cleaner directly to the sheepskin, always dilute in water first. Avoid harsh spot cleaning. If you need to clean a certain spot, scrub it very gently using sponge. After washing, rinse in cold clear water and dry toe up. Do not put the uggs boots into a dryer, as this might change their shape. If you need to reshape them, stuff some paper towel in. Leave them dry (at least 24 hours) slowly and avoid any direct heat. You may dry ugg boots also outside, but try to avoid direct sunlight and place them in shade instead. When the drying is almost complete, use hairbrush or bristle to o brush the wool, which will restore the nice fluffy feel.

When your uggs are dry, apply the water or stain repellent again. They might shrink lightly, but don’t worry, this is natural. After you will wear them for couple of hours or so, they will go back to their original size and will feel as they did before.

When washing or caring for your ugg boots, always try to avoid:

  • Soaking
  • Hot water. This removes the lanolin from pelt and therefore makes it hard.
  • Fabric conditioners, washing powders, detergents used for laundry or anything containing enzyme.
  • Drying in a drier or on direct sunlight (it will damage the pelt).
  • Dry cleaning.