Ugg Boots in the USA

The story of Uggs coming to America

The core piece of Down Under got to America in 1978, when Brian Smith - a young surfer from Australia packed two dozen pairs of UGG sheepskin boots, and he hit the New York City streets. The luck was not on his side, and three days later he was "down under" by $950. He was unable to sell any of them in Big Apple.

However, Brian was persistent and did not give up. He knew that there is a place for uggs in the American market. He decided to try to fit the ugg boots on the same feet as they do in Australia - surfers feet. He traveled to the west coast, where he found a group of well-traveled surfing mates, who actually brought similar footwear from Australia.

In his first year, Brian sold 48 pairs of boots, mostly to the crazy California surfers who grasped the genius of this sheepskin footwear - the warmth, comfort and coziness of sheepskin.

In recent years, ugg boots turned into a hot fashion article, thanks to American celebrities, although it was a Canadian, Pamela Anderson, who started wearing them during her Baywatch show shooting, to keep her feet warm. The boots suddenly became the trendy footwear statement among celebrities. Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Paris Hilton have all been photographed wearing the boots. Oprah Winfrey featured the uggs in blue and pink color on her show, which skyrocket the popularity in America. You will find them on beaches from Santa Cruz to San Diego, as well as in ski resorts from Vail to Tahoe.

A number of sheepskin boot companies from Australia set up representatives in the Unite States and tried to get on the market with their uggs. They worked their way from the beaches, all the way to the ski resorts and eventually into the mainstream fashion awareness. Sheepskins versatility proves that uggs are not only a for surfies anymore mate.

The recent popularity rise is particularly driven by the UGG Australia boot brand. A wide range of styles became available, such as Classic Short and Classic Tall uggs, as well as Essential and Ultra soled tall and short boots and also boots with exposed fleece.