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Warmbat sheepskin boot began in the 50s in Western Australia, where the co-founder of the company was fascinated by the process of shoe making in factory where his father worked as a sales manager. He started his own footwear import/export/retail business in 1969, when the dinkum (original) Warmbat Australian sheepskin boot was born. The customers in those days were mostly surfers, who were looking for comfortable footwear to warm up their feet after riding the waves. The son of an Australian boot-factory manager, David Renouf grew up in the footwear industry. He came to love the manufacture of sheepskin footwear, and by age 21 was selling sheepskin-style sheepskin boots and shoes based on his own designs, made from prime sheepskins he'd personally selected. Renouf grew up in the Australian footwear industry, and by 1969, at age 21, he was selling his own designs to local surfers. These proto-Warmbats were made from skeepskins he picked himself, so that he could guarantee their quality. It was those sheepskin boots, sold mostly to surfers with cold feet, that gave rise to Warmbat the company. Though other sheepskin footwear manufacturers might get more press, Warmbat is one of the oldest manufacturers of sheepskin originals in the business; they've got sheepskin authenticity oozing from every pore, and you can be sure they know the meaning of quality.

The cream of the crop

In the world of sheepskin leather footwear, Warmbat is a name to conjure with. Sure, it sounds a little odd, but the fact is that the company has been around for more than 30 years -- longer than all but a few of its competitors. Warmbat's sheepskin-style boots and shoes are derived from the snug, warm sheepskin boots worn by Australian surfers for decades to keep their feet warm between waves. Warmbat itself traces its origins back to the mid-1960s.

The president and co-founder of Warmbat Australia Paul Barclay says "Warmbat is the original Australian". They are indeed one of the industry's oldest sheepskin boot brands. Dedication to customer service, quality and comfort helped Warmbat grow steadily.

Warmbat's range of products includes Women's and Men's sheepskin footwear (both short and tall boots), and unique beautiful hand painted sheepskin boots.

Warmbat Unisex Gecko Grip ShortWhile Warmbat may not be the biggest manufacturer of Australian sheepskin footwear, their sheepskin models were some of the first on the market, and they remain solidly authentic. Their footwear is also among the most stylish of sheepskin boots, and less resistant than most to the vagaries of popular style (are you listening, fluffy competitors?). Indeed, Warmbat sticks to what it knows best: the classic sheepskin boots that made Australian sheepsskin shoes famous in the first place. While they've experimented with different styles, every single one, from the Warmbat Jackaroo to the Kangaroo Classic, retains the sturdy sheepskin leather construction and fluffy interior fleece that have made sheepskin boots a watchword for sensuous warmth and comfort. The only things that have changed in more than three decades are the high-tech materials used to make the outsoles. Warmbat may not offer the widest range of styles to choose from, but they ones they do have are Australian through and through, from the sturdy stitching to the genuine aboriginal decorative touches.

Warmbat's sheepskin boots - Comfort and Fashion

Comfort is the priority number one for Warmbat’s sheepskin boots. With other clothing and fashion apparel, you can make compromises to style. However, when it comes to boots, shoes, slippers and other footwear, comfort has to come first; otherwise your feet will feel it right away. Warmbat uses genuine Australian sheepskin hides for their sheepskin boot production with plush, soft fleece.

Warmbat’s distinctive sheepskin footwear design is a true difference. Using the aboriginal artwork and embroidery creates truly unique boots which are like no other sheepskin boots on the market.

Put Warmbat to the test

Warmbat and its founders pride themselves on their heritage of authenticity, tradition of quality, commitment to the finest materials, and obsession with comfort. In an industry filled with inferior imitators -- especially since sheepskin leather footwear exploded into popularity in Europe and America a few years back -- they're the real thing. Unlike some of their competitors, Warmbat still makes its sheepskin boots in Australia, from Australian materials. Maybe that's why they call themselves "the Original Australian."

And how do Warmbat products compare on the price front? Quite favorably, actually. Though there are cheaper sheepskin boots on the market, those boots tend to be cheaper in quality as well as price. On the other hand, against competitors like Ugg Australia, Koolaburra, and Emu Australia, Warmbats stack up quite nicely indeed -- you'll find that Warmbat boots are often less expensive. One advantage Warmbats have over their competitors is their habit of equipping most of their boots with strong, ribbed, shock-absorbing soles, which are designed to maintain traction in a variety of weather conditions and situations. Of particular interest is their patented Gecko Grip, which will help you stay on your feet even on the iciest surfaces.

Riding the sheepskin boot wave

Warmbat is well known for its small but varied catalog of sheepskin footwear, most of which take the form of unisex sheepskin boots suitable for either men or women. Every pair of Warmbats, from the Dreamtime Lizard boot to the Sydney walkabout, is made with loving quality -- just as the first Warmbats were thirty years ago. The Warmbat commitment to quality has never changed, despite the fickleness of fashion. You'll always get a comfy fleece interior protected by a tough sheepskin leather exterior, joined with care to a sole designed to help you maintain your footing wherever in the world you find yourself. Quality materials only need apply: every Warmbat sheepskin boot is made with 100% Australian merino sheepskin, guaranteed.

Durable Warmbat fashion, with custom comfort

How long will your Warmbat Kangaroo Classics or Jackaroos last? Easily twice as long as most boots you'll find on the market. Good sheepskin is not only comfortable and warm, it's tough too -- and you already know that if it's a Warmbat, it's quality. Part of that dedication to quality is using only the best sheepskins available Down Under. Warmbat's sheepskin creations are also known for their comfort. That's because Warmbat takes comfort just as seriously as it takes quality, and you can be sure that they'll stint on neither. Warmbat boots will always be as comfy as they are durable and stylish, and you can take that to the bank.

Fair dinkum price, fair dinkum value

So far we've talked about all the advantages you get with Warmbat sheepskins. Is there a disadvantage? Of course there is, and it's the same one you get with all sheepskin boots: the price. Warmbats will cost you a pretty penny -- but as they say, you get what you pay for. Why buy four pairs of cheap sheepskin boots when you can spend less on one pair of Warmbats that will last you at least as long?

Warmbat President Paul Barclay calls Warmbat an "Australian Original," and it's hard to argue when you consider the company's history, its total commitment to quality, and the fashionable flair that has driven a consistent demand for Warmbat products. If you're looking for a sheepskin boot that's cheap and will spend a lot of time in the back of your closet -- go with one of the other guys. If, on the other hand, you demand quality, comfort, value, and durability from your sheepskin shoes, you need look no farther than Warmbat.

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