Warmbat Unisex Dreamtime Lizard Short

Warmbat Unisex Dreamtime Lizard Short

Available Sizes:
10, 11, 12, 13, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Available Colors:
Black, Chestnut, Blue, Bone
The Dreamtime Lizard is yet another quality original from Warmbat Australia. Don't fret; despite the name, this boot exhibits the same quality you've come to expect from Warmbat -- but with an added touch that's unique to this model. No, it's not lizard skin (sheepskin, remember?); these tough uggs are hand-painted, with a bright lizard design that's as distinctive as your DNA. With a pair of Dreamtime Lizards on, you're sure to get constant attention.

Hand-painted means quality

The work of art Warmbat calls the Dreamtime Lizard is more than just a pretty shoe. It's a true ugg boot, which means solid sheepskin construction, the dreamy softness of a fleece inner lining, and a clunky outsole that offers awesome traction. Add the fact that it's a Warmbat product, with all the quality history that goes with the name, and the Lizard ascends to a plane inhabited by only the finest merino sheepskin. The Dreamtime range also offers tough leather heel and toe caps to give your feet the extra protection they sometimes need.

Uniquely Australian -- uniquely you

Pull on these fabulous boots, with their distinctive aboriginal-style dot-pattern back braid and hand-painted goodness, and you're living in Dreamtime. You can get your Lizard ugg boots in short or tall varieties, and of course they're unisex, so they fit either man or woman. You don't have to settle for a particular color picked by Warmbat, either: Dreamtime Lizards are offered in Tan, Chestnut, Black, Blue, and Bone.

Available colors for Warmbat Unisex Dreamtime Lizard Short

Warmbat Unisex Dreamtime Lizard Short Black color
Warmbat Unisex Dreamtime Lizard Short Chestnut color
Warmbat Unisex Dreamtime Lizard Short Blue color
Warmbat Unisex Dreamtime Lizard Short Bone color

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