Warmbat Unisex Gecko Grip Short

Warmbat Unisex Gecko Grip Short

Available Sizes:
10, 11, 12, 13, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Available Colors:
Black, Chestnut, Sand, Dark Tan
Warmbat may advertise itself as "The Original Australian" ugg boot manufacturer, but it isn't afraid to try a little innovation here and there. Consider one of their more popular offerings, the Gecko Grip boot. At first glance the this boot strongly resembles another popular Warmbat’s Kangaroo Classic, with its classic styling and decorative back-braid; but then you notice the deeply notched sole, and the leather caps reinforcing the sheepskin on heel and toe. They're enough to make you reassess this boot.

Tough sheepskin + flexible sole = Warmbat Gecko Grip

The most obvious difference between the Gecko Grip and the rest of the Warmbat boot family lies in the outsole. This is one sole that'll grab hold of the ground and won't let go, so you know that if you're wearing your Gecko Grips, you're unlikely to lose your footing. The best part is, the grip sole isn't a thick unresponsive slab of rubber: it's softer and more flexible than most sheepskin boot soles. How's that for great ugg style?

A bush boot with soul

This boot is one footwear you won't hesitate to wear either in the outback or in an urban center. The rugged construction of this classic ugg boot will give the meanest croc or junkyard dog pause, while the sheepskin comfort and soft fleece lining will have you walking on air. Bad weather? Bah. With this boot, you'll always be warm. To heck with the credit card; make sure it's your Gecko Grips you don't leave home without.

Available colors for Warmbat Unisex Gecko Grip Short

Warmbat Unisex Gecko Grip Short Black color
Warmbat Unisex Gecko Grip Short Chestnut color
Warmbat Unisex Gecko Grip Short Sand color
Warmbat Unisex Gecko Grip Short Dark Tan color
Dark Tan

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