Warmbat Unisex Roustabout

Warmbat Unisex Roustabout

Available Sizes:
10, 11, 12, 13, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Available Colors:
Blue, Tan, Bone
If you've been waiting eagerly for the Warmbat Roustabout boot to arrive, still your beating heart: it's almost here. The Roustabout, possibly Warmbat's most variable ugg boot, set debut in April 2006. Like its namesake -- an Aussie who does rough odd jobs like sheep shearing -- is one rugged, hardworking, and durable boot. Whatever you want to do, it's ready to go: just grab the front-and-back loops and slip it on.

Oh, and it's good-looking, too

All in all, the Roustabout is a good-looking, comfortable boot that combines all of Warmbat's standard characteristics: value, comfort, quality, and warmth. This boot is made from smooth sheepskin that comes in three colors: Black, Tan, and Beet (that's dark red to you and me). Unsurprisingly, the insole is made of thick, soft fleece (just what you'd expect in an ugg!), but it's got the Warmbat touch, too: ergonomic "Perfect Memory" features that will help keep your feet unbelievably comfortable. The outsole, on the other hand, offers both exceptional traction and flexibility. If you're looking for a versatile, comfortable footwear, the Roustabout fits the bill admirably.

Outback, indoors, wherever

The slip-on comfort comes in a unisex design, so there are no separate models for men and women. Its simple charm will soon make it your favorite boot, and so will the comfort and protection it offers your tender feet. Whether you're a real, live or a social debutante on the verge of coming out, the Warmbat Roustabout is the ideal sheepskin shoe for everything you need to do.

Available colors for Warmbat Unisex Roustabout

Warmbat Unisex Roustabout Blue color
Warmbat Unisex Roustabout Tan color
Warmbat Unisex Roustabout Bone color

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