Wearing Ugg Boots

What to wear your uggs with?

The short answer is – ugg boots can be worn with pretty much anything. Their flexibility, style versatility and availability in all kinds of colors make them very desirable and fashionable. From the classic short in sand color to the tall fluffy in pink, the sheepskin can be dyed to any shade you can think of.

Ugg boots are not meant for any one segment of society. Women, men and kids can all wear a pair of uggs to fit their style. Girls and women look great in tight jeans tucked into the uggs, but also in short skirt and bare legs. For guys, uggs tend to look best with jeans, which gives them rugged look, especially when worn with a casual shirt.

Sheepskin boots belong to casual footwear, but you can wear them just about anywhere. You can put them on around the house, to your school, to the office, out for dinner or party, when going shopping… It’s hard to find shoes, which can be both sexy and practical, but ugg boots definitely fit into this category. They will keep your feet warm, even in chilling temperatures of 30 degrees Fahrenheit, but thanks to their natural thermostatic character you won’t feel too hot in warm climates either.

So break your imagination free, get a pair of ugg boots and try them on with your jeans, or with your skirt. Put them on for a class, wear them for casual Friday to work or get fashionable and hot in your pink uggs when you go for late night party. There are no rules in fashion when it comes to ugg boots.